The Outlier

In statistics, an outlier is regarded as a data point that sits outside of the majority of the data. The analyst will inspect the data to determine whether the outlier is unusual because of, say, an error during data collection although this may not be obvious. Of course, this outlier may also represent some new information that may well be of interest. Deciding whether or not to exclude an outlier from the analysis is often aided by what's called a 'sensitivity analysis' which involves including and excluding that data point to see whether it makes a difference to the conclusions.

In society, there are times when individuals feel distanced from others, from the majority, from the 'norm'. Stigma and discrimination is often because of a lack of understanding, empathy and sensitivity but this can lead to the individual feeling on the margins of society.

This artwork was a response to my thinking about this duality within statistics and society, what it means to be an 'outlier' and the importance of 'sensitivity'.

Each sheet has a filmic touch, the images an ethereal quality, the dimensions the same as the data punch cards upon which early digital computing was founded.

The Outlier has been exhibited at BayArt gallery and Butetown History and Arts Centre in Cardiff. A short film of the work on display at BayArt can be seen here.